Current Tenants- Info

Instructions for online payments:
1.Before registering on the payment portal please call the office first at 515-961-5710 to verify that we have all of your information correct in our system and to verify you have an email address on file with us.
2. Go to HTTPS:// ( be sure to use the website version and not the app when registering)
3. Select Resident Log in
4. Select click here to register
5. Enter your zip code
6. Select your street address
7. Complete the required information. We do not have registration codes, so use the phone number option.
8. Verify you are not a robot and register.

Current Tenant new Vehicle Form
Instructions: Please be sure to complete the form and all information requested including the license plate # for your vehicle. Return to the office via mail or directly at the office

Tenant Lease Termination Form
Instructions: All information on this form are required and the form will not be considered as valid if there is missing information. Please also make sure all tenants on the lease sign the form. Return to the office via mail or directly at the office

For more information, please email or call us at 866-484-5710.


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